The five-day Durga Puja festival, the biggest annual carnival in this part of the country, is being held from 26 to 30 September this year.

Read the full news Kolkata: Blaming the timing of the Goods and Services tax (GST) rollout, Durga Puja organisers and idol makers here say they are feeling the pinch of the new indirect tax regime as advertising revenues are falling and margins are tepid.

Following the increasing funds crunch, community Puja committees in Kolkata have started curtailing their budgets.

Puja organisers are facing a serious challenge in the regime of the new demon -- GST. Most of the big Pujas depend on sponsorships, advertisements and donations because the subscription collection contributes not even 10 percent of the budget.

"Unfortunately, advertising revenues have dried up and, accordingly, Puja committees have curtailed their budgets by 15-20 percent, depending on their size," Kolkata Municipal Corporation councillor Asim Kumar Bose, who is involved with 14 Puja committees, told IANS.

Durgotsav President Partha Ghosh said the new tax is "unclear" to the organisers. The consumer goods sector that took a hit after the new tax regime was implemented has not been forthcoming in providing advertisements this year.

According to Pal, idol makers, post GST, have been paying 3.5 percent more tax on the tin used to make the weapons placed in the hands of the idols.


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