This Diwali In The Supreme Court said its order in September removing the firecracker ban in Delhi and the National Capital Region or NCR would be effective from November

Firecrackers will not be sold in Delhi and nearby towns on Diwali this time as the Supreme Court has restored a ban on their sale till November 1, saying it wants to assess the difference to the air quality.

The court said its order in September removing the ban would be effective from November, adding that it wants to test the effect of the ban on air quality after Diwali, the festival when millions across India celebrate by bursting crackers.

Each year, the festival leaves the air in Delhi thick with smoke and pollution.

The sale of crackers in Delhi has been suspended.

Three children had gone to the court asking that its order banning the sale of crackers in Delhi in November 2016 be restored.

The central pollution body -- Central Pollution Control Board -- supported the petitioners and wanted the ban be restored.

In September, the top court had temporarily lifted its earlier order suspending licence for the sale of fire crackers, saying a complete ban would be an "extreme step" and a graded approach was needed to curb pollution.


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